Wentos’ Suitcase: Alton Towers T-Shirt

Chao-a! I am currently with Wentos on a plane over the At-a-lantic after a brief visit with the SEGAS for the opening of the Sonic-a Spinball ride at Alton Towers in the UK, we went there for the opening as guests of honour,unfortunately it seems our tickets got lost in the post and we had to buy our own.

It was a-great fun nethertheless, we went on Air which is like pretending you are the jester fellow with the purply pants – Wentos did not like this so much, as he held on very tightly which had the effect of ramming my face into the restraint. Nor did he like Nemesis where he lost his hat and a staff-a member had to get it out of a tree with a broom – unfortunately this put him into a foul mood and he’s not spoken since.

The Sonic Spinball ride is awesome though – really great fun and because we were there with the SEGAS for the opening and to be the very first people on the ride we got a special t-shirt which will be a valuable trading item in the years to come. The tagline to the ride is “Feel The Rush” – so the shirt states that “I Felt It First!”

….I don’t-a get it.

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