Wentos’ Suitcase: All-Stars Racing Special #5

Chao-a! Its I Chaoa once-a-again with yet another Sonic & SEGAS All-A-Stars Racings goodness. At-a the moment myself and Wentos are on the British Rails heading down to spend Easter with AAAAUK and the Echo Hawky girl. Apparently there is going a nice roast dinner, yum. Speaking of yum, check out this – its the big khauna yes? The giganto Sonic car. There is one more big car but we have not located that one individually yet.

Yes, the red fellow Knuckles his bigga with the four wheels drives. We’re on the lookout for that. Should we find it we shall let you know. We have also done some deals with the T-Bird for goodies. I shall show you soon. Now I must-a go, Wentos forgot to charge my pad before we left and my batteries are low. Stupido!

– Chaoa –

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