Wentos’ Suitcase: All-Stars Racing Special #4

Chao-a! Once again it seems I am back for more items from the Sonic & SEGAS All-A-Stars Racings and still with the Jazwarez figures. I hear-a somewhere these are possibly going to be on sale in the UK at the store with the small doggy? Or is it as you say the order or pre-s? I read the Emerald-a Coasts you see on Wentos’ iPhone. He says hello by the way, we are currently in Spain, Barcelona-a to be precise. I’ve got to-a say their builders are very slow, honestly the last time we were here they were building a big-a Cathedral and they still are, it barely looks like they’ve-a got any further! I wonder when they are-a going to finish.

I am not-a speaking to Wentos at the moment though.

You ask-a why? Well, someaone was enjoying the paella, forgot themselves and thought I was-a some kind of napkin!  Anyways, here is the nexta figure and its a the big-a version of the angsty dark hedgehog, he looks-a really cool you know?

I wonderer what-a his problem is though, I bet he-a didn’t stay in school long with those red hair streaks, so there you go kids, you stay in the schools or you end up as a confused-a emo hedgeyhoggy.

Chaoa knows-a best, yes?

– Chaoa –

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