Wentos’ Suitcase: All-Stars Racing Special #3

It is I once-a again, Chao-a at-a your services. Come stai? I’m-a good thanking you, I’m back once more with something from Wentos’ suitcase, Wentos and I we travel so much it is so difficult to remembers where we’ve been the previous day! Though yesterdays we were in the Marbles Gardens and picked up an interesting new nick-nack, perhaps we will show it to you very soon noes?

Incidentally I see AAUK is giving away the concept arts? You should know there are only a few concept arts created for ASR vehicles, Sonic, Amy The Rose, the cat thing… I can’t recall his name, Two Tails and the Amigo fellow.

Anyway I’ma going to show you the next Sonics & SEGAs All-Starsy Racings figure from the Jazwarez, this is of the big blue kahona himself this-a is the Sonic hedgehog man, I like his teeny nose, its really funny.

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