SW Weekly Roundup: 27th February to 4th March 2012

Hi everyone, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a weekly round-up of all our recent news and stories but there’s been a variety of things happening this recently even some we’ve not been able to cover yet but likely will in the future. Like SEGA’s newly announced Hell Yeah! title.

Monday 27th February
The week started up with a catch-up on Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure courtesy of T.A, with the news that the European release date was confirmed for one and also that various trailers/previews were now up on the 3DS shop. More details here.

Meanwhile for the merch-hungry amongst you we brought you the story about a new licensing agreement that will bring in the SEGA ladies of Valkyria Chronicles, Fighting Vipers, Space Channel 5, Phantasy Star, Virtual-On and more as part of a set of new Japanese “Trading Straps”!

Tuesday 28th February

There were three pieces of news on Tuesday that we covered, however surely the biggest news was that Sonic 4 Episode 2 footage got out into the wild in a big way thanks to its appearance at a Barcelona Android phone event.

Jet Set Radio continues to excite, although it still remains a mystery as to how much of the original music will survive its HD “upgrade”. SEGA distributed some screenshots and more information.

Jun Senoue brought to us some new information on the three new songs in the works by himself and Johnny Gioeli via the Crush 40 Facebook page, including details about one song being all about the fans.

Wednesday 29th February

On a leap year day there was news of the man with the most awesome tan in video gaming, Toshihiro Nagoshi (he of Yakuza fame) as we found out via Kjeldo that he wasgetting promoted to Chief Creative Officer at SEGA Japan!

Thursday 1st March

TallGuy continued the Nagoshi-related news on Thursday as we brought to you SEGA’s details regarding the release of Binary Domain, a game we’re currently playing through at SW HQ and will be reviewing in the near future.

Friday 2nd March

As we all know Friday is THE day for news, and what a surprise Sonic 4 featured yet again. First up though was news of Jaleel White, the former Sonic V/A who is taking part in US show “Dancing With The Stars”.

Mario & Sonic’s 3DS demo was launched whilst musical institution NME had a bit of a dig at Hatsune Miku and the Japanese vocaloid craze.

Sonic 4‘s concept art came along in the end, although it was decidedly lackluster. Floating platform anyone?

Saturday 3rd March

The weekend kicked off with a long overdue video of the antics we got up to at Alton Towers for the opening of the Sonic Spinball ride, fun and laughs abound with the community gang.

Eddie Lebron materialised to do a YouTube Q&A at Blue Core Studios in relation to his Sonic fan film that had more than a few new details

And TallGuy told us all about Radio Redux Retro, which has begun over on SEGA Media.


What will happen next week? We’ll have to wait and see…

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