Weekly News Round Up: Week Ending 22/01/12

So, no doubt everyone has noticed there has been a massive surge in news this week, probably too much for everyone to take in, in one almighty chunk.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to do a quick round up with some links to our news stories this week.
Sonic Wrecks Updates:
This week saw the return of AAUK’s Demotivational series. Hit the links to see numbers #21, #22, #23 and #24.

AAUK also found an amusing glitch in Sonic Generations, which you should all go watch and have a good laugh at.

You can also watch as AAUK joins the ranks of Turbo and Dreadknux as Discoponies takes on Sonic’s Story on Sonic Adventure.

Also, the Sonic Wrecks Round Table review of Sonic Generations finally went live, which has viewpoints on the console game from several different staff members. Interesting read, as it also dives onto a point on the 3D availability.
Sonic 4: Episode 2:
A few titbits have leaked out, as the build up to Sonic 4, Episode 2 starts. The first of this was the Archie Super Sonic Special #3 reveal. We covered two posts on the subject, as Kotaku gave us an updated look as well as an extra titbit.

SEGA also started their own “official” ramp up in the start of releasing concept art on Fridays. While this isn’t massive news and by far and away not unforseen at all, it does lead into some more news, hopefully.
General SEGA News:
Some big news from SEGA this week, as we had some trailers released, one for Mario and Sonic on the 3DS, and one for the official 2012 Olympic Games, as well as TWO updates on the SoJ YouTube regarding Yakuza: Black Panther 2.

We also saw, a slew of SEGA games released onto the Steam platform, with additional benefits to Spiral Knights as well. Also, due to these new additions, SEGA managed to assault the top 10 seller’s list as well as have Sonic CD reach the number one spot on the PSN download list.

T.A. Black takes a look at the preview of Rhythm Thief that appeared in Official Nintendo Magazine, as well as informs us of the upcoming TV featurette on the same game.

Tall-Guy takes a look at the pre-order content for the upcoming DLC pack for Shogun 2, titled Fall of the Samurai.
Fan and Community Watch:
There have been a couple of Sonic and SEGA based remixes from the folks popping up over on Overclocked Remix. One based on Sonic Advance’s Ice Mountain Zone Act 1, the other remixed from a track from Dynamite Headdy.

We returned to Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong’s One Hour Sonic project to take a second look at how it was progressing, as well as take a look at DeviantArt user Modusprodukt’s HD Remix Series.

MAGFest X appeared, and Eddie Lebron and the Blue Core Studios core did a panel on their upcoming ‘SONIC’ fan film, as well as give us an approximate release date.

We also take a look at a project sent to us by Reginald L. Seay Jr, by the name of Recapturing the Essence.
Some big updates on varieties of merchandise this week. The biggest one, was the First4Figures update on the Tails statue. Which not only gave us a look at some of the colours, but also gave us a pre-order date!

Tracker shares details on the new Sonic related bedding and curtain set, which is looking to cost a pretty penny.

AAUK also informs us of the Official Merchandise Store being open, which it has been since before the holiday season. Although, just reminding us all that the goal is still to open a US version.

Blake Draco lets us know that a variety of merchandise with Hatsune Miku, such as charms, and more noticeably a punching bag, which as Blake informs us, we can all punch Hatsune Miku in the face!

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