Weekly News Round Up: Week Ending 06/02/12

It’s been yet another busy week at Sonic Wrecks in terms of updates, with the crew being very busy its my turn to do the new round-up and let Titans Creed put his feet up… or fingers. I mean where do you start this week we’ve had so much content! Well lets start with Monday. That seems fair enough, right?


We started off with a rolling Depository update day, something of an unusual item for the weekday which as you would imagine included a lot of new high quality character art. There was though a focus on Sonic Riders related art and specifically the opening of the Babylon Rogues section. Check out the post for details on how you can sort your Jet fix out.

Titans Creed also posted a new One Hour Sonic update, which amongst a variety of awesome fanart features two videos from Darkspeeds and BlazeCake (who was responsible for the first piece of Proto-Blaze fanart you may recall) which show off some very funky drawing techniques.

The day was rounded up by a trailer for – and this was a surprise – Aliens: Colonial Marines. Apparently someone woke Gearbox up enough to be able to do a pretty stellar cinematic trailer that managed to get me hyped about the game again. I guess that is the trade for waiting another six months with the delay?


Tuesday started with another fantastic Fanart Focus from Titans Creed on the works of one of my favourite fanartists MRi.

Overclocked Remix reminded us how they can surprise us with anything, showing off Sandopolis Zone in dubstep of all things.

T.A. brought us word about Game Gear titles beginning to get listings on ESRB for the Nintendo 3DS which excitingly contained Sonic Triple Trouble.

Titans Creed meanwhile brought news that Spiral Knights players could indulge in some payable items in line with the new Chinese Year of the Dragon.


Wednesday was a dark day in Sonic Wrecks history as we resorted to threats of super-high quality Chris Thorndyke character artwork to get other sites to actually pay attention to what we do. To make clear we meant business we let loose a huge 10MB sized version of Mr. Thorndyke on the unsuspecting community. You’ve all be warned…


Thursday came calling with TallGuy reporting on some rather snazzy deals you can snare as a PS3 user at the moment including Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2, Golden Axe and more.

We also pleased Shadow The Hedgehog fans with some previously unseen concept art dredged from the very depths of development hell as Gyrox kindly explained. The art was a CG image of Professor Gerald that does not appear in the game and in fact relates more perhaps to Sonic Adventure 2.


SEGA released yet more Sonic 4 Episode II concept art which had more than a little resemblance to Sonic Rush.


More Proto-Blaze concept artwork! Fanartists both exclaimed delight and annoyance.


Two versions of the first Sonic: Night Of The Werehog storyboard go up as we continue our season of new materials.

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