Wave Master To Release 20th Anniversary OST Re-releases?

The prospect of finding out if your eBay Adventure OST is original may have just got a tad harder.

According to the VGMdb there is a re-released of the original Sonic Adventure album, this April to be precise. It’s being listed as a special 20th anniversary edition which does beg the question of whether this is going to be part of a series of re-releases for Sonic’s anniversary. A listing on VGMdb usually means this is true, but you never can tell with the internet. You can check it out for yourself at this link which also lists an April 20th release date and 2400 Yen price tag.



Author: Dusk

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    What they should do, is rerelease every album onto the US iTunes store so I don’t have to Import all of the soundtracks from Japan. >.<

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