Vintage SEGA Games On Offer For Xbox Owners

As part of the ever rolling offers that Microsoft can offer for their Gold Xbox Live members, you can pick up all manner of games for half price (or better) for a limited time. And for retro SEGA fans, this is a must-see offer.

The SEGA Vintage collections (which were mentioned here) are currently on a half price promotion, allowing you to get them for 400 MSP points each (about £3.50 per collection). To remind yourself, they are as follows:

  • Golden Axe Trilogy
  • Streets of Rage Trilogy
  • Alex Kidd and Co
  • Monster World

So if you want some cheap games, then this is the time to get them. However, you best act quick, as these offers do not last forever (unlike those offers at DFS). You can also pick up the ToeJam and Earl Vintage collection pack for 800 MSP (about £7) now too, but this isn’t on the offer.


T.A Black

Author: T.A Black

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