Video: Danica Patrick Talks To Huffington Post, CNN About All-Stars Transformed

She’s not had the happiest of times in the last couple of weeks Danica Patrick. Not that long ago, tho I think we missed this information, she announced she was divorcing her husband of seven years and father of her three young children. So, probably not the best time to be doing a promotional tour discussing her current activities including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Still, doing the rounds she is – although not too comfortably. First up there’s a trip to see the Huffington Post in which the SEGA Blog makes a cameo appearance.

Then there’s an interview with CNN’s Talking Point program which included the anchor being astonished there are so many female video gamers leaving Danica a bit flustered.

Finally there’s a long interview with Amy K. Nelson on SB Nation – an American fan run sports media company. Transformed starts being mentioned at about  21:20 but there’s a lot of talk about her being a female racer, dealing with her emotions, how she’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea (in real life) and how she sees her path moving forward to prove herself.  Even using apples in the voice-over process. If you have no frame of reference for her – i.e. not American – you might find this useful to get to know the person and indeed business woman behind Danica Patrick Racing.

Interestingly she hasn’t twigged her “magic powers” (All-Star Move) is her shooting flaming wheels. As in Hot Wheels. Her sponsor. Your creativity is lost on her SUMO…

Danica Patrick Joins The All-Stars

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