TSS Downtime: Don’t Panic

You may have noticed that TSS has gone down at the moment and that the front page is saying the following:

The Sonic Stadium is recovering from a server wipe.

As a result, we have lost a hefty chunk of data. The SSMB Forum has no backup and is completely lost, you will need to re-register. Posts since February 13th on TSS have been wiped, including articles and SoS 09 comments. Many images are broken. Please bear with us while we try to get the site back up to speed. Thank you.

Don’t worry this is the message from the major issue last time, TSS is currently moving servers as part of a planned improvement. Please don’t worry. The SSMB is still there and you do not need to re-register on it nor have your SoS comments been lost. Nor should any other date have been lost, at least to my knowledge.

TSS and the SoS 09 website will be back up again as soon as possible

TSS Carrier Pigeon

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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