Total War: ROME II Gameplay Trailer Hits Net

Not gonna lie here, guys. I LOVE strategy games. Plonk me down in front of a computer with the likes of Command and Conquer or a simple, flash-based Tower Defence game and I’ll be happy as a pig in muck for hours on end… Until the enemy decides to completely obliterate me; then I’ll be hurling expletives at the screen for a while, but I’m sure that’s not just me.

Today though, it’s all about Rome. All roads lead there, apparently (though I’m certain they’ll have trouble once they reach the M25) and right now we find the road paved with the glorious first ever gameplay footage of Total War: ROME II!

Personally, I think the game looks stunning in every meaning of the word. From the details on each soldier’s armor right up to the amazing backdrops  – assuming you’re not knee deep in enemy forces to take a look around, that is – this is definitely something to behold.

I think I’ll be keeping my eye on this one! How about you guys? let us know in the comments section below!


Author: Max Firestorm

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