Time To Play Again, Get Your E3 2012 Bingo Cards Here!

I asked the other night if there’d be any demand for me doing a general E3 Bingo card – I had some interest so I ran it up this morning.

Have fun everyone!

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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    I just want to point out that we kinda already know about some of these things; it was already announced that a new need for speed is coming (prob tying to movie (rumored to be nfs most wanted reboot))., also tekkenXstreet fighter was also confirmed (look sorry about ruining the surprise for other people, but I just felt I needed to say this) God of War IV= God of War ascension. forget a new star fox, not yet, as for the wii U games
    go to “wii U” on facebook and look at the teaser

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    On an unrealated note: point of the Captcha Code?

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    It’s scary how easily I can see most of these spaces being a major possibility.

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