Time To Increase Your G With The GG’s!

As to be expected, the Jet Set Radio Achievement list has been revealed, thanks to xbox360achievements.org!

With the XBLA achievements policy changed, this means Jet Set Radio gets 400g from a whopping 30 achievements! -Big list ahead!

The achievements seem pretty much straight forward, with only a few that may give you trouble. If you don’t want to see them, look away.

    Back to the future (10G)
    Unlock all songs in the bonus menu.

    Number one artist (20G)
    Use all graffiti in missions.

    A working senior (20G)
    Unlock Goji and use him as a player character.

    Dog runs too! (20G)
    Unlock Pots and use him as a player character.

    Love rules (10G)
    Unlock Love Shockers and use her as a player character.

    Noise music (10G)
    Unlock Noise Tank and use him as a player character.

    Behind the mask (10G)
    Unlock unmasked Poison Jam.

    Rise of Monsters (10G)
    Unlock Poison Jam and use him as a player character.

    I need a parachute (5G)
    Fall more than 20 meters off a building.

    Look behind (5G)
    Perform a Turn Trick in game.

    Unlock Garam (10G)
    Unlock Garam and use him as a player character.

    Cop sucks (10G)
    Draw graffiti 5 times on Onishima’s back.

    King of the street (10G)
    Complete all missions with any rating.

    Feel the beat (5G)
    Start game for the first time.

    Tag you’re it! (10G)
    Tag out at least one rival gang member within 30 seconds.

    Detached (20G)
    Finish the game without anyone latching onto you with your first attempt.

    Public menace (10G)
    Make 100 civilians jump out of your way.

    Scrapyard bully (5G)
    Shove the two civilians in No.540 level before the choppers show up.

    That’s how we grind! (10G)
    Perform a 100+ trick combo.

    No Eyes in the Sky (10G)
    Draw graffiti 5 times on Helicopters.

    The gang’s all here (20G)
    Unlock all characters.

    Remixes suck! (5G)
    Complete a level without collecting a Recovery Spray Can.

    I got Soul (50G)
    Collect all Graffiti Souls.

    When you’re a Jet (50G)
    Complete every level with Jet rating.

    So creative (10G)
    Create a graffiti in all sizes.

    Paint the town red (10G)
    Complete Chapter 3.

    Second coat applied (10G)
    Complete Chapter 2.

    First coat applied (10G)
    Complete Chapter 1.

    Training wheels (10G)
    Complete Tutorial.

    We got us a crew (5G)
    Unlock Gum and Tab.

So, if you want to rack up some more Gamerscore while having loads of fun doing it, Jet Set Radio is a must for you!


Author: Rabid Noodles

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