This Week’s Overclocked Remix YouTube Sonic Updates

Our friends over at OCR have treated us to two updates to their YouTube channel this week, one that we have seen before and something new as well. First up is a brand new track from WillRock, his tenth submission to the site which is a piano version of the end music to Sonic 2 entitled “Above The Sky”.

The track is described by djpretzel thus:

“Very clean, very clear, and occupying a space that sounds expansive and vast (like the sky, even), this rendering works for me; it’s not virtuosic piano playing (sequencing), but it’s interpretive and emotive, and it flows. “Not gonna bother saying much, as this was definitely a significant improvement. There were parts that sounded a bit rigidly sequenced, but the overall flow was much smoother and more human.”

Next up is a track that should be familiar to all of you who know about Project Chaos, it is “Red Sphere Blue Sphere” by chthonic.

djp’s summary is thus:

“This mix establishes a festive groove and employs plentiful cross-panning (on synths and perc. FX, for double pleasure) in an upbeat blend of electronica and Carribean/Latin flavors. It’s fun, it’s catchy, it’s well-produced, and it won’t hurt your brain, which seems perfect for a Friday afternoon. Remember to keep your computing equipment firmly fastened when traveling, and enjoy this older but still excellent track from chthonic.”

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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