The Sonic Show 6th Anniversary Hoedown – Coming Soon!

Okay its not a hoe down actually, but I’m willing to bet Jamie will get a kick out of hearing it called that.

Our friends – and one of our closest website contacts – The Sonic Show –  is six years old this month and have just celebrated reaching two big landmarks of 8,000 subscribers and 2 million hits on their YouTube channel.

On November 20th they plan a rather big celebration that you can be a part of, firstly they are trying to make the worlds biggest PINGAS video. Sorry… I… yeah I just had to check I’d actually written that. Turns out I have. Yes Sonic Show is encouraging you to upload a video of you going “SnooPING AS usual I see!” to be a part of the collab.  Additionally there will be a livecast of epic proportions with all your The Sonic Show favourites with the chance to win cool prizes!

You can find out more information here below.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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