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Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a really great start to the new year and I am pleased to present you this story as my first news story of the new year. 😀

Eddie Lebron, the man that is creating the one and only Sonic Fan Film had a interview with Blue Core Studios aboard the Egg Carrier (hmm I wonder what game that was in? ;)). In the interview Lebron talks about where the film is going to be taking place in the Sonic series, he also talks about what badniks will feature in the film for Sonic to of course destroy, who will be cameoing in the production as well plus, we find out how he got the original voice of Sonic Jaleel White to take part in the production as the Blue Blur once again.

Right I think it’s about high time I stop the talking and let you guys get on with the watching, so here is the two part interview of Eddie Lebron about The Sonic Fan Film by Blue Core Studios.

Eddie Lebron Interview Part 1:

Eddie Lebron Interview Part 2:

For more information about The Sonic Fan Film, hop on over to the official website at

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