The NiGHTS Winter Dreamers EP Gets An Upgrade

The original version came out in 2009.

You may well recall last year’s Winter Dreamers project from Level 99 and DiGi “Where’s My NiGHTS Sequel For The Mr Bunnymans, Huh SEGA, Huh Huh, Where’s It At, SEGA, I Gots My Petition, You Just Hate Me Now Don’t You” Valentine.  Whilst a sequel (to the remix project, not NiGHTS itself) was sadly canned due to lack of time, in some great news over on the EP got some upgraded tunes.

All existing tracks were remastered and two additional tracks, instrumental (or kareoke) tracks of both mixes of “Hey Dreamer” have been added.

You can grab the original four tracks here, but as we mirror Winter Dreamers with NiD we’ll see about getting these updated versions on the Depository soon.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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