The Item That You Know About That I Can’t Talk About Directly Yet

In other news in response to concerns of fans SEGA have announced they are only going to do one 2D platformer based on the orginals in 32-bit graphics and a map pack every year so people can have the same thing over and over and over again and be happy.

Or alternatively we can have a bit of variety, keep it fresh and maybe wait until we have more details on something than just a name and an image before going off at the deep end on just how bad something is?

Just saying folks.

Reclarified Edit: SoS 09 rocking as much as 08 likelyhood -1000 which is a sad thing. If peeps react to titles so violenty SEGA aren’t exactly gonna bend over backwards to help me out on the money front are they? Again just saying.

Additional Edit: Now opening at TSS it’s the Spot The Insider Dig contest: “We are allowed to think independently of SEGA, despite our connections – the Rt. Hon. Romily Broad would have wanted it that way.” In fact there seems to be a game going on across the SSMB at the moment, feel free to ask for the rules.

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