Take A Trip Down To Rocky Ridge In Sonic Free Riders

Some wonderful person, I know not who, has revealed some more details for upcoming Kinect title Sonic Free Riders on the Sonic City Blognik.  The post  is below.

If you were after tidbits 4-7 they’re only working a half day today. Here’s some sneaky snippets about Sonic Free Riders

– The next track to be revealed has a Wild West theme, including waggon trains and a minecart section (MOAR MINECARTS!) where you actually have to pull a lever left and right to change the points and avoid rockfalls. It looks quite slick actually. EDIT – This stage is called “Rocky Ridge”.

– Someone’s return in the pre-race configuration screen is still gaining momentum!

– Since you guys apparently love anything Roger says as Sonic (e.g. “…consoles…”) here’s another line for you: “Place your hand on Start!”

Hey, it might not seem much but I gaurantee variations of it’ll be in signature images across Sonic forums all over the place by the end of the day.

Kevin Eva

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