SW’s Xmas Merch Haul – Pt 1

Christmas, much like 2010 will be doing, has come and gone. Its not been a stellar Christmas all told – in fact it felt a bit flat this year. However, the core crew gathered around (via the aid of the postman) to deliver good tidings of comfort and joy. Actually the best present was a very fluffy new dressing gown which makes me look like an extra on a Narnia film, to the point I kept asking Echo for more Turkish Delight and berating my non-existant big brother.

A close second though was this present for Echo and myself from T-Bird (and Nemain), now whilst I’m yay Sonic I’ve actually got a real soft spot for NiGHTS as a character and was thrilled to get a mint NiGHTS plush from Nemain as a housewarming gift.  This tho is very seasonal indeed, two mint condition Christmas NiGHTS t-shirts from 1996 featuring the festive Nightopians and NiGHTS himself. I mean wooooow!

I’m currently barricading all the doors and windows to keep DiGi and TRiPPY out. I suspect it won’t be enough, you’ll no doubt read about the resultant slaughter in the papers tomorrow. Its been nice knowing you all…

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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