Summer Of Sonic 2011: Details On Entry Costs

Hi guys, as you know Summer Of Sonic has a proud (and perhaps somewhat foolish) history of being totally and utterly free to enter.  With this year being so big and with us going all out to secure the best we can get we acknowledge that indeed somethings will be different this year.

So we thought it best to answer the question you all have – how much will it cost you to enter?

Well, we’ve crunched the numbers and I can reveal that it will cost you a grand total of £0.00.

According to the latest rates that works out at $0.00 or €0.00, this may of course change as rates change.  Should you require any other currency you can of course check via an online money convertor like to change £0.00 into whatever you require.

I know, I know, you’re very disappointed at this fee. Fret not though as there will be various creative ways you CAN spend your money at SOS, and we’ll be revealing these in the coming months.

We hope this knowledge doesn’t distress you too much or put you off.

PS: If you’re ABSOLUTELY determined you want to help out in some way and are angered by this – astonishingly there actually people who are – another option is you can always help out TSS or SW with their hosting and send them some money via PayPal.  Each site has a donations link.

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  1. Oh my! I don’t think I could possibly afford such a cost!

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