Summer Of Sonic 2010: Hi, My Name Is…

Its half five in the morning of the day before, the day before SOS and I’m just writing a quick blog on here despite being completely messed up by tiredness, energy drinks and headache tablets to talk about something I actually focused on during last week’s Radio Redux. Namely… your names.

Now after the introduction at SOS I’d at least expect you to recognise me or Dreadknux, you might well want to come up and say hello. You might even be the big man on campus, er, the forums and want to talk to as many familiar people as possible from Retro, the SSMB, Entherial Online, etc. Well here’s the thing, you could frankly be THE WO/MAN but, and this might shock you, just because you know who we are that doesn’t mean if you come up to me and Dreadknux with a “Hi Dread/AAUK!” and a cheery smile we’re going to break out the hugs. Its more likely you’ll get a confused smile and a “Hi there…. er… champ/sport/buddy/dude/pal!” Because the likelyhood is we won’t have the Scoobiest of Doos who you flaming well are based on your face alone.

See: Online Fanbase(!)

So here’s two very simple tips:

Introduce yourself! Follow it up with an “It’s (handle) from (location), nice to see/meet you!” or similar.

(Incidentally we don’t bite, if you want a photo or something – amazingly there are those that do – just ask. We may ask if you can come back later, but if so it’s because we’re busy at that time and it’s not suitable.)

Why NOT have a sticker on the left breast of your t-shirt with your net/forum name? You’ll then be able to spot other people you know and then chat to THEM!

And heck, even if you don’t know people there interact for heaven sake – don’t just sit there drawing a picture. Have a chat with your fellow fan, you might well make some new friends… you’ll at least have a video game passion in common!

But whatever you do have FUN Saturday. Now if you don’t mind I might be able to sneak 30 mins of sleep before I need to get up for work.



Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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