SPOILERS: Archie on Sally Acorn at the New York Comic Con (UPDATED)

WARNING: The following news story contains a huge spoiler to the current plot in the Sonic Archie Comics. Read at your own discretion.


So, one of the biggest moments in Archie history over the past year or so has been the roboticization of Sally Acorn, leaving a lot of fans in dismay and others intrigued.  But the ongoing argument has been whether she’ll be saved or destroyed.

This reporter for one would have loved to have seen more and more of the Metal Sally story, but all good things must come to an end, as it’s been revealed at a panel during the New York Comic Con that not only will Sally be saved and deroboticized, but she’ll also get… a complete redesign?

That’s right, Archie have taken the decision to redesign Sally Acorn.

Clothes? Well it is getting towards winter!

The above image was, according to sources, designed by Ben Bates. It’s clear to see from the design that there trying to go with something similar to that of her roboticized form, and at the same time something more in fitting with traditional Sonic characters from the games. Either way it’s a big improvement (apart from the overly round head and lack of whiskers) and a gutsy move by Archie to redesign one of the fans favorite (if roboticizing her wasn’t gutsy enough).

Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think to this redesign!

[Source: Sonic Retro]


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    I never for a second lost faith in Ian. These links proves it and show how much I honor his work as whole on the Sonic comics. http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&global=1&q=pro+ian+flynn#/d5drvas



    Ian may not be a perfect writer, but he does more than enough for Sonic. He truly respects Sonic as a character and he writes the supporting cast in the right way.

    Ian truly honors Sonic’s name.

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    I think this is actually a good change.
    Some of my bud’s moms complained about her design. Maybe they’ll shut up now.

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    Hopefully this news will get people to calm down about the whole “Mecha Sally” thing. I’m curious why they decided to redesign, but admittedly she does look a bit cooler.
    Now fangirls can stop whining that she looks “nakeds.” 😛

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    Honestly not too happy with this. First bunny loses her robotic parts, now sally looks completely different? Ian, i like your writing style, but im not sure if i like where this is going.

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    I like it. She looks like a character from the games now.

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    I believe this will be a nice change for Sally Acorn. She actually is wearing clothes now. Maybe she’ll even have a personality change as well. (Not trying to be mean or anything.)

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    Can I take a different stance? That it’s mostly good and probably necessary… but with some glaring flaws?

    The face, man, the face! Why did they shave her, change her head shape, and basically make her look even younger than Amy? I can mostly get behind the rest but… not the face! Not the face!

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    I agree with the redesign entirely aside from her face being too round. A shape more skin to Tail’s would have made more sense. She needs the texts of fur on the sides of her face not only to look more chipmunkish, but to look less like Sonic.

    I love the clothing. I think the gloves work well too.

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    The funny part is this is to showcase the clothes..so much head complaining.

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    You call that an improvement? Putting clothing on her, whatever, all the other female characters newly introduced have them, mind as well get her out of just the vest and boots look, but those eyes, the HANDS (she can now crush Sonic’s head when she tries to give him a kiss). How can her head look bigger than her original SatAM design??

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    El cambio esta horrible X(

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    i think her old design was better. like blaze the cat. blaze’s and sally’s old designs looked pretty good. 🙁

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    this design needs thrown out! it is bad and is not cool…she is sally not amy…she should be more mature not less…older sally has realistic body proportions…thats how Archie could tell whats archie and what wasn’t

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    im ok with the clothes, but if they change her personality and her affection to sonic, i would be very sad 🙁

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    ok, you know what, i dont think im even ok with the clothes, archie, i loved everything in this characther, shes actually my favorite one, and now that your making this….

    come on! you could at least make her head and face look like if she were the sally that everybody loves, in fact, i might get over it with the clothes, but it would be harder with the face, just look, she now sees younger than amy! but, if you change something about her feelings, her personality, her love with sonic, i promise you, i could never get over it 🙁

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    I have to say, I agree. Sally needs to look older than this, be better proportioned, have a head that looks like it belongs on the character, and all in all, not look like a fleshing of the robot design. Sally is easily my favorite character from this entire franchise, and I want her to look like Sally, not some Sally-colored, discarded, forgotten, Amy Rose design! And if they change her personality from this too, well, I’m as good as gone. I enjoyed Sally & Sonic’s (rocky) romance.

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    You could call me new here to the series. Both look beautiful am I right second isn’t it better for the story if the characters evolve from generation to generation I agree the old design is more attractive but honestly both are smokin hot but she still the same sally we came to know as long as her personality and style remains the same

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    This is TERRIBLE! They’re taking one of the most beloved characters of all time and just giving her a new look! SHE IS NOT A SEGA CHARACTER! She looked fine the way she was and I don’t know why they even roboticized her in the first place. Well, this is Ian Flynn for ya.

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    I was really hoping Sally would be restored back to her SatAM look…that’s the Sally I grew up with. I can live with the redesign though, as long as her personality remains the same that she’s always had, and if she and Sonic get back together and stay together…they’ve been together since childhood and their feelings of love for one another are obvious.

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    Horrible change, It’s an ok drawing but they should make a new character instead of trying to ruin established character’s and that look’s nothing like Sally. -_-

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    I like the redesign. It means Sally’s coming back and she might (VERY HOPEFULLY) be put in the games.

    Now, if Bunnie would come back (hopefully roboticized again) and Antoine would miraculously come out of his coma…..I’d be happy.

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    Hey! Your right maybe she might! If she is I’m going to be so happy and maybe also Sega will make a video game wear you can play as a certain sonic character! Like sally! And other character’s to!

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