Spiral Knights: Now With More Smacking Each Other Around

The popular, adorably colorful free to play MMORPG has introduced the vital element for any good game in which you play with other people: PvP (Player vs Player)

The PvP area is known as King Krogmo’s Coliseum, where Knights blast the living daylights out of each other for the monsters’ pleasure: the irony is delicious isn’t it?

But what’s better than to claim superiority over your friends in a virtual reality? Prizes of course! King Krogmo rewards your efforts with super special awesome Krogmo Coins which can of course be exchanged for rare and powerful weapons for better beating up people. There is definitely even more feature for this new section of the game, such as bribing King Krogmo for more goodies, unique alchemy recepies or a brand new event in which you’re equipped with instantly detonating bombs aiming to, you guessed it, blow people up. You can read all about it in the wiki or from the official site!

With this update you can also purchase a bundle of awesome stuff which includes unique armor and helm, ridiculous amounts of energy and even Krogmo Coins.

We can also expect regular updates and new fun things being added to the game, so it’s time to start grinding and become the ultimate Spiral Knight! Or at least the ultimate among your friends!


Author: Suf

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    I’m so gonna get round to doing this Player VS Player thing on Spiral Knights, and claim teh title as ‘No.1 Spiral Knight’ of the sonic community.

    Yes, i’m that certain of it XD *SHOT*

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