Spiral Knights Celebrates Year of the Dragon

It seems, with the turn of the Chinese New Year, that lots of games celebrate that fact, and Spiral Knights is no exception.

With any in-game energy purchase of a $9.95, you get a random set of Dragon Wings for your Knight character from the following list:

Dragon Wings
1 of a possible 11 randomly chosen at the time of purchase.

11.2% Cool Dragon Wings
11.2% Regal Dragon Wings
11.2% Military Dragon Wings
11.2% Heavy Dragon Wings
11.2% Fancy Dragon Wings
11.2% Dusky Dragon Wings
11.2% Toasty Dragon Wings
6.2% Divine Dragon Wings
6.2% Volcanic Dragon Wings
6.2% Prismatic Dragon Wings
3% Shadow Dragon Wings

The promotion runs until FEBRUARY 13th.

Source: SEGA Blog, Spiral Knights Forum

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