Sorry For The Lack Of Updates…

…but I’ve kind of been playing a lot of Sonic Unleashed at the moment (and Saints Row 2 to be fair).

I’ve been asked on a couple of occasions whether its worth buying, and naturally the answer is yes.  However I’m putting a caveat in that because much as I love them Sonic fans are by default whining little perishers. Yes you are. YES you are.

And because I am of the fanbase (but not of Bajor) I know all your little tantrums; so to lay some kind of foundation I hearby layout:


– If you’re going to hate the Werehog no matter what, then don”t buy it.

– If all you’re going to do is to compare it with the original Sonic don’t buy it.

– If all you’re going to do is to compare it with Sonic 06, because the idea of a “love”, regardless of the type or intent, between a one-off human character and an anthropomorph has somehow spoiled things for you so badly its all you blather on about by all means buy it but be quiet.

– If you’re going to get upset if the game DARES cater for someone younger than you, or by that fans who a) weren’t Sonic fans until recently or b) weren’t alive when Sonic 1 was released don’t buy it.

– If you’re gonna get in a spin over voices buy it… and turn the voices off, or put it on mute.

If however you want to buy a new Sonic game, because
– its a new “main” Sonic game
– it looks superb – which it does
– the music is brilliant.  Which it is, the Werehog fighting music is by far and away the best thing in the known universe.
– the gameplay is great
or – its highly engaging and enjoyable

Then by all means buy it!

In the end the majority of people who are complaining now will be complaining about the same things (in their opinion) post-launch, I meanwhile will be playing Sonic Unleashed until I get all the medals, eat all the hotdogs, get 1000 points or die trying – and my grinning face will be forever etched on my face by rigor mortis.

Now if you’ll excuse me… *GRINS DEMENTEDLY*


Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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