Sonic Ogles Japanese Bikini Beauties On Quirky Gameshow (NSFW… Sorta)

I think this might actually be classed as NSFW.

I have no idea what is going on in this Japanese gameshow “Supah Jockey”, but it seems that Sonic is VERY interested in it. Two rather buxom Japanese girls in bikinis get into a container of what I assume is cold water (or some sort of water anyway) which is rather sensitive to their *ahem* assets and have to see who lasts the longest.

Seriously Japan. WHAT. THE. HECK.


And what was SEGA thinking letting Sonic get involved so much? The one thing to take away from this I think is Sonic’s eyes. The old Sonic costume is about as inappropriate for this as you can get, Sonic all wide-eyed. Amy’s not going to be pleased with this when she sees it.

From Rio on Facebook via the Sonic Retro Forums.

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