SonicMerchandise.Com Teases New T-Shirts For Summer Of Sonic

The other day SEGA teased the freebie Sonic Boom t-shirt that attendees would be getting, today is doing something a little different. Whilst no freebie merch has been teased for SOS as of yet, the company who appeared at the event last year for the first time have tweeted (to SEGA) a picture of some new shirts that will be appearing on sale at the event.

Sneak preview of some new Tees available at Summer of Sonic . . . . (UK Only)

Since early reports suggest there will sadly be no repeat of the highly popular fan bazaar/merch sale tables of last year, this would be something unique  for you to spend your hard earned Robotnikbucks on. It is not clear if these are exclusive for the convention itself or not, whatever the case I’ve gotta say I’m not exactly blown away on a first glance. What do you guys think tho?

Kevin Eva

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    I’m considering getting that Sonic one. If I have money spare and there’s nothing else I want.. I may.

    From what I can see their pretty cool. Although, if they used never seen before, exclusive art. Now that would make me buy one straight away.

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