Christmas Returns! Check Out This Awesome Custom Sonic Figure

When we first saw the numerous 20th Anniversary figures the one thing I didn’t really sit down and do when looking at them was think, “You know, that needs to be more Christmassy.”

Well apparently for Japanese DeviantArtist shoppaaaa it did needs to be more Christmassy, A LOT MORE. In fact he has managed to use his clay modelling talents to skillfully turn the original into a Christmas Sonic variation complete with sack in much the same style as one of the original Sonic Adventure-era festive art edits. It looks superb and could easily be mistaken for something entirely official, heck I’d like to have it in my personal collection.


santa sonic by ~shoppaaaa on deviantART 

It may be a little late for Santa Sonic now, but I’m sure a few people would love this statue, or even Santa Sonic to come down their chimney next holiday season.


Not only that he’s pretty talented with a pencil and paper too, although he does have an obsession it seems with drawing sonic just in his socks:

Actually its the same person who drew THAT image of Sonic in a frilly pink piny and holding a chilidog. Beware that gallery does contain one of the dreaded Sonadow and other pictures of a slightly what the nature.

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