Sonic & The Black Knight – Now Announced

Yup I can now talk about it because we’ve announced it! Check the Blognik for details: HERE.

Just been on the phone to LB, he’s got a surprise planned for those attending SoS.

Nice to see the “game” has progressed to TSS’s rotating header text. I could think of quite a few things to put on ours believe me but this will do for now. Its a good time to take a break from SSMB I think and concentrate on the new Entherial Online and get that working properly.

You’ll have noticed the Sonic “This Is Not CNN” News ticker has been removed until further notice (i.e. until it works).

In other news: We now like Camp Sonic a lot more after they referenced the “Guess What I’ve Been Doing…” post from earlier today. I’m going to be doing a lot of those today with any luck. Huzzah to Camp Sonic. We love you muchly.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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