Sonic Team + AAUK = Win?

Edit: Endless Possibility Full Version up in Depository.

I was very pleased to find out today my incredibly long feedback to Sonic Team regarding Sonic Unleashed was gone through in Japan by Hashimoto-san and the team step-by-step and they took a fair amount of time discussing all the points I raised about Unleashed and the series in general. WOO! Good news huh?

Well how about this, my feedback was in two parts.

Yup there was a general report from me about the way things were and then I also set out how YOU guys feel. Now admittedly Sonic fans are about as uniform in what they want as an army wearing tie-dye shirts but I set out what you think of Unleashed, both good and bad and I also took the liberty of you know, mentioning where you’d like the series to go – and not to in regard to all the niggles you’ve seen over the past few main games etc.

I went into some pretty serious depth, but I’m told reaction to my comments was positive and they were certainly taken on board.

You can thank me later if things start going more in the direction you want – I knew I was here for some reason. 🙂

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