Sonic 4 Incentvisation Returns In “Sonic & SEGA All-Star Internet Fame – Part II: Wrath Of Monkey Khan”

Hold on to your rings, SEGA’s “True Blue Initiative” for buying more that one copy of Sonic 4 is making a comeback. Hooray….!?

You may recall it was an incentivisation scheme cooked up by SEGA for Episode I whereby those who bought more than one copy of the game would receive a special shout out in a community team made video. At as short a notice as you can get being on launch day, SEGA have announced it will be returning for Episode II.

Purchase of more than one copy of the game (with proof, naturally) will get you on the video whilst merchandise is being offered on this occasion – a signed artwork piece – if you are insane enough to purchase all four of the available platform types.

If you have a lot of disposable income and want to take part you have until June 15th. It is open to Europe as well as America, although SEGA notes that “the mini-poster is still signed by the team at SEGA of America”.

[Source: SEGA Blogs]

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