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In a surprising move, SEGA have made the upcoming Nendoroid Sonic figure available for pre-order on the UK site Sonic Merchandise website. He’ll set you back £32.00, plus shipping charges. Also with this, we get a new set of details on the figure!

-He comes with standing and running poses.

-An Item Box (From other images, this has interchangeable panels, such as shield and speed sneaker icons)

-A Star Post (Based upon Unleashed, Colours and Generations’ design)

-A Ring Accessory (This is in the pictures included, but not mentioned in the details-strange)

-A Chaos Emerald

-He is 10 cm (3.9″) tall.

Also, the figure appears to come with a stand-however, this is not mentioned anywhere in the description either. He also seems to have interchangeable expressions and hands, such as the classic finger waving pose, and the famous grin.

Be quick however, as this is heavily branded as a limited stock item-no doubt adding to it’s rarity. And seeing as it’s such a nice figure, stock could be exhausted faster than you think. You also get 33 Reward Points with the item, presumably to get discounts on future purchases. Personally, with all the extras he comes with, I think it’s well worth it, and my order’s already been placed!

Will you be taking advantage of this opportunity? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I want this figure SO bad! It looks amazing! Does anyone know if this will be coming to the US? If not, I’m going to have to import it, which will probably end up costing 50-60 dollars. :/

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