Sonic Gets Golden Deals On 360 Marketplace

If you are wanting to get some of Sonic’s games through the Xbox 360 Marketplace, then you’re in luck. For this week only (21st June to the 28th June), you can get 3 Sonic games for half price, alongside some DLC for half price and 2 avatar items for – you guessed it – half price. The only condition to these deals is that you need to have a valid Xbox Live Gold Account, otherwise these deals are at their full price. The items that you can get on offer are as follows:

  • Sonic CD – 200 MSP (approx. £1.70)
  • Sonic 4: Episode 1 – 400 MSP (approx. £3.40)
  • Sonic Adventure – 400 MSP (approx. £3.40)
  • Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut DLC [must have Sonic Adventure, naturally] – 200 MSP (approx. £1.70)
  • Sonic Racing Car Prop [Xbox Avatar goodie] – 120 MSP (approx. £1)
  • Racing Helmet [Xbox Avatar hat] – 80 MSP (approx. 70p)

These offers are only on for a week, so if you want to get any of these items cheaply, now is the time to do so.

[All prices are approximations and are just guidelines – international prices will be different depending on the price for Microsoft Points in that country]

T.A Black

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