Sonic Generations May Not Be Sonic Generations. Oookay.

Well, according to SEGA Japan it may not. Their new @Sonic20th Twitter account has already said something somewhat eyebrow raising, I said there’d be confusion didn’t I, and in this instance the confusion is super effective.

As well as confirming that the Sonic Adventure 20th Anniversary album would indeed be coming out on the May 18th. Thirteen or so hours ago they tweeted the following:

おはようございます!ソニック20周年記念タイトル「ソニック ジェネレーションズ(仮)」の公式HPではGreenHillステージのスクリーンショットを公開中です!


Which translates out (thanks Google) to this:

Good morning! Title 20th Anniversary Sonic “Sonic: Generations (tentative)” HP is the official screen shots is available to GreenHill stage.


The Sonic Generations title is now tentative? It’s not confirmed?

The most likely outcome is that the game may not be called Sonic Generations in Japan, which has something of a history of having alternate names or subtitles to European and American releases – Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Unleashed being recent examples of this. Still the prospect that the game could yet get a name change, something not previously hinted at by the western divisions and despite the assets currently available is worth a ponder. Is it a case of a Japan switcheroo or someone not being aware of the full story – either SOJ or we the fans.

What would YOU call the game? Tell us in the comments. I’d tell you what I’d have called it but SEGA would probably get upset, not that it was actually considered at one point. *cough* We’ll keep you up to date with any more curious tweets from SOJ in the mean time.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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  1. Avatar

    I would call it ‘Sonic Fan Death Match’ since many fans seem to be arguing about the game already.

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  2. Avatar

    Sonic CD 2? *SHOT* XD
    Sonic Paradox? *SHOT* XD
    Sonic: Return of Mephiles? *SHOT* *SHOT* *SHOT* DX

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    • ArchangelUK

      Someone really needs to take away that gun…

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      • T.A Black

        Please don’t let it be Shadow – we all know what happened last time…

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  3. Avatar

    I would call it Sonic CD 2, because it involves time travel. Ok, Sonic 2006 involves time travel, but Sonic CD was the first game that incorporated it. World Adventure in Japan was Unleashed in the US. The fighting game Sonic the Fighters was Sonic Championship in the US… and never had a welcome response. Yeesh.
    Sometimes they change the name, sometimes they don’t. Most of the Sonic games didn’t have a nickname change. Sonic Chronicles in the US was under a different name, but uh it’s in Japanese, so I can’t really understand the language. And yes, I have been a Sonic fan for four years now. I also was thinking Sonic Chronos Frontier or something. Anyone else have any better ideas?

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  4. Avatar

    I know this maybe a bit weak, but what about “Sonic: Worlds Collide”? ^^

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  5. Avatar

    “Sonic Memories”.

    “Sonic Wormhole”.

    “Sonic Future”.

    We could also go for a non-standard “Memory Lane Zone”.

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    • ArchangelUK

      I actually quite like Memory Lane Zone, Umi! 🙂

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