Sonic Generations CE Release Date Confusion (Updated x2)

So, as many of those who managed to get their early pre-orders of the Sonic Generations Collectors Edition from are aware, we received an email about an expected delivery at the beginning of December. Considering that the game is due out on the 4th of November, it has left quite a few fans and merch hoarders left wondering what is going on.

Well, I have received an email today, courtesy of DarkNoise from the SSMB, regarding an inquiry as to the delay. the short of it, is they have been told via the supplier that the Collector’s Edition of Generations is scheduled for a November 30th release date.

You can read the email below.


Thank you for contacting

I am sorry for any misunderstanding or confusion caused in this regard.

I do understand the concern.

Please be informed that the item “Sonic Generations” has been listed in two

* Standard edition
* Collector’s edition

As per the update from the supplier, Standard edition will be released on
November 04, 2011 and Collector’s edition will be released on November 30,

I have checked the order #——————- and can see that you have
placed the order for Collector’s edition and this was the reason your
delivery date is given as November 30, 2011.

However, if you are not satisfied, please cancel the order for the
Collector’s edition and place a new order for the Standard edition.

I hope this information is helpful.

Obviously, this is all to be confirmed from SEGA as yet, so unless we see a full press release regarding the matter, we at least have some information regarding the matter.

Update: Our good friend DarkNoise has contacted me once again about an email recieved from SEGA’s customer services today, regarding Amazon’s CE date listing. Turns out, Amazon was listing the wrong information all along, and SEGA have escalated the issue regarding the date mixup.

As most of you eagle eyed folks out there have rightly noticed today, Amazon has shifted the date change live onto their website.

Below you can find the email from SEGA regarding the issue:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting SEGA Support.

We can confirm that the release date for the Collector’s Edition of Sonic Generations will be the 4th of November. was displaying wrong information on its website and after we escalated this issue to the relevant Amazon department, it was corrected.

The right release date is displayed now:

We hope this information is of use. Thanks again for your correspondence and your interest in Sonic Generations.

Kind regards.

Hopefully, going forward, everyone who pre-ordered their Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition should start recieving revised emails for release dates.

Update #2 – 21/09/11:

We’ve just received an email about this from Amazon regarding our own reservation:


We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on September 09 2011 (Order# 026-1162256-4475515).

The items listed below will actually be dispatched sooner than we had originally expected based on the new release date:

“Sonic Generations – Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)”
Previous estimated arrival date: December 01 2011
New estimated arrival date: November 04 2011

For more details, please visit the Your Account section of our web site :

You have not yet been charged for this item. We do not debit money from your payment card until just before your items are dispatched. We will send you a dispatch confirmation email on the date of dispatch.


Customer Service Department

So looks like this is 100% definite now.

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