Sonic Generations Beta On Steam?

You may remember a month ago when the financial report for SEGA-Sammy was shown to contain Sonic Generations on the PC and 3DS, now with the 3DS version confirmed near the beginning of this month, more evidence arrives to continue the support for the fabled PC version.

Below you will see an image from DrKirby of NeoGAF who had checked the Steam Registry files:


Author: Dusk

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    I hope the PC version’s real, and that it will be the PS3/360 Console levels.
    Because then I’m getting this one instead of the PS3 game.

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      The PC Sonic games are annoying because even though it is a PC game, they still tell you to “press the A button” and things like that. If you don’t know what the buttons are, UR DOOMED!

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    This is really cool! Hamana, hamana, hamana….

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