Sonic Fan Film Latest: Lebron Q&A Reveals SEGA Internal ‘Support’

Eddie Lebron, the directive force behind the Blue Core Studios’ fan films for MegaMan as well as the upcoming project involving Sonic The Hedgehog, has hit YouTube for a Q&A discussing his work and that of the studios. In which he reveals details about both MegaMan and Sonic projects, how he’s been working on the film and his relationship (as such) with both Capcom and SEGA.

The YouTube video is below, with clip notes below that:

– There has been talk about a DVD although Jaleel White’s involvement may result in issues due to unions as well as copyrights.
– SEGA community reps and others are aware of the film and are “extraordinarily behind it” – although SEGA have made no effort to seek him out so far.
– Intent is to make it more aware within SEGA and be an official pitch.
– “…nothing official for Sonic but our goal is to be official with Sonic.”
– Robotnik won’t be fighting Sonic as such, though Sonic will be engaged in battle with enemies.
– Film will be 20 minutes to be more digestible online and usable as a pitch
– No follow-up, feature, etc unless with backing by SEGA.

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