Sonic Colours Next 7 Tidbits Revealed By SEGA’s Blognik

So I ask my two fellow SW writers that I live with if they could do this… and they promptly argue amongst themselves for two days and don’t do it. Gee, thanks guys. Over on the Sonic City Blognik the other day, I revealed the next seven little bits of info on Sonic Colours.  The blog is below.

Hi everyone and welcome to the next Colours related reveal blog! Wow, all I can say is I’m somewhat surprised how big a fanbase Orbot apparently has, the reaction was big! I was interested in the discussion about Sonic’s “Oops, did I fall on him?” comment in Unleashed, which is a fourth wall breaking moment as such… however in my mind anyway it could’ve been very easily been something said to himself that he just happened to be looking at the camera for. This fourth wall breaker is a very deliberate address to the gamer – that’s you – who is playing the game.

Anyway I bring you seven items you may or may not know about Sonic Colours, in some senses you could very well know about them but they’ve certainly not been confirmed, in other senses there are things you may believe that are false! All will be revealed (well, seven things anyway) in the following formulations of words and letters.

1) Orbot’s compatriot is indeed called “Cubot” as some detectives have been able to deduce. He’s a cube shaped robot – ‘Cube-Bot’, much like Orbot is spherical, (quite literally ‘Orb-bot’ and also an anagram of robot if you hadn’t noticed) who is… er… a little defective shall we say.

2) Since you like Orbot so much, here is his character render in high quality PNG format. He has had a bit of a paint job by the looks of things.

Sonic Colours - Orbot

3) FOXY FACT: Tails can read binary fluently.

4) Contrary to reports elsewhere, Amy Rose does NOT feature in the story of Sonic Colours Wii. Seriously, unless she’s become an invisible mute post-Unleashed I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

5) We will see the “consequences” of Sonic destroying a giant robot… in more than one sense. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!

6) The curly haired Wisp is called Yacker, he is the Wisp Sonic and Tails communicate with to find out what is going on. A silent guide if you like to the world of Wisps.

I officially award kudos points to Umiyuri incidentally who identified the name first, as far as I can see.

7) Oh, okay then here’s Cubot’s character render too.

Sonic Colours - Cubot

I will endeavour to do another one in an amount of time that I shall not specify for fear that might be classified as an announcement. 😛 Oh yes, I’m already trying to find out details and images and things regarding this European “special edition”, don’t worry. Securing the full version of “Reach For The Stars” + lyrics are also a work in progress… they’ve not put songs in mangas yet as far as I’m aware.

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