Sonic Colours and Richard Jacques up for BAFTAS

It’s that time of the year again, the video game BAFTA awards in the UK are up, and while I can’t say I think that the judges for these things really know the games industry well enough, the awards have always been interesting to watch at least, with at least the guys presenting the awards being real gamers. Why even last year, and I belive again this year’s host Dara O’Brian even supports the fact that games may in future be considered an art form.

I digress more after the break…

So sadly SEGA has very little in the way to show this year in terms of nominations, which is in part due to the type of people who choose the awards, so Call of Duty and Mario Galaxey 2 pretty much riegn it, but there are a few additions worth noting.

In the handheld catagory Sonic Colours is up against God of War, Professor Layton, and oddly Lego harry Potter and a iPhone game called cut the rope… we have high hopes but to be fair it’ll have a good battle with God of War. While over in the best Original Music Score category our old friend Richard Jacques is up for his excellent work in James Bond 007 Bloodstone, which would be exceptionally awesome if that won because of poor Bizarre Creations as well, so keep your fingers crossed guys.

A full list of nominations can be found here (thanks Nintendo Life).

We’ll bring you the results once they happen on March 16th, although you can also watch it live, was rather entertaining last year of what I caught after work.


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    I never knew that there are video game BAFTA’s!

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