Sonic Channel – Getting Up To Date…

Heya guys, ArchangelUKSA here writing from my room at Echo Hawk’s house where I am currently hiding from her two young cousins – I refuse point blank to look after children on my holiday thank you so very much. As such I’ve been busy with a raft of Sonic goodies, mostly getting Sonic Channel stuff up to date in the Depository.

As I’ve got another 20 mins more stuff might materialise but anyway here’s the latest Deposiory Updates etc, they might not be there immediately as Echo’s Wi-Fi is going kinda slow.

Wallpapers > Sonic Channel > Vector (Sept 08), Marine (August 08), Silver (July 08).
Colouring Paper > Sonic Channel > Sonic x3, Tails x1
Comics > Fleetway > STH #67 (Complete), STH #68 (Complete)
Images > Superstars Tennis > Packshots – DS (AUS/GER/UK), 360 (AUS/GER), Wii (AUS/GER), PS2 (AUS/GER/UK)

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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