Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed European Limited Edition Announced

In addition to todays Gamescom trailer, that can be seen below, SEGA have today revealed a limited edition of Sonic and All Stars Racing for Europe.

Setting it apart from the US bonus edition is… nothing at all, funnily enough. As with the bonus edition, the limited edition includes Metal Sonic as a playable character, and a special Outrun themed track, plus emoticon stickers for use  in the game for something are also included. In fact, the only difference between this release and the bonus edition is the packaging-and even then, the only difference is that the top now obviously reads “Limited Edition” rather than “Bonus Edition.”

Nevertheless, it’s still nice to know Europeans can get Metal Sonic and this promised Outrun track.

The boxart and recent Gamescom trailer are below:


Xbox 360:



The Gamescom Trailer is below:


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