Sonic 4 Episode 2 Goes Live On Steam, Then Vanishes

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later.

Pre-purchasing Sonic 4: Episode 2 on Steam earlier today allowed you to install and run the game, in a (somewhat) unsurprising turn of events. I ‘d already given it a very quick go, playing through Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1- and my initial impressions?

Well, for starters, the opening cut scene leads straight into the action. Sonic and Tails land the Tornado and hop out straight into the action. Also, Sonic’s jumping felt a lot more natural. Apparently, Episode Metal was also available to play-though sadly, I did not try this or the Special Stages, seeing as Steam have now corrected their error. Just a tad late though!



AAUK Cautionary Edit: Whilst you can do run the game there is the off chance that Steam might go all totalitarian on your ass and ban you. Although considering its their fault it’d be really rather unfair of them. Just bear it in mind.



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    wish i could of played it, but there are sooooo many leaked vids, yes in the course of one day, every level and boss were leaked, there is a super sonic vid, a vid of special stage 7 and the 1st act and the opening cutscene of episode metal, i dont want to post a link to the leaks either, so other people do not get spoiled, also on ur affiliate tssz’s site i read that the leaks will remain untouched

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