Sonic 4.2 Shown Off At Android Event, Release Date Confirmed?

Another summary post because the way things are moving at the moment with Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II its like every five seconds there’s some asset being let loose from somewhere.

Another batch of screenshots has been let loose, this time via the Japanese Sonic The Hedgehog 4 website whose updates included other images that weren’t publicly viewable of the Dr. Eggman’s flower-based boss machine and a Tails signpost although the images themselves are very small. What we do get though is good looks at the “Snowy” polar bear mini-boss who looks more bad-ass every time I see him. All those screens can be seen in the Sonic 4 Episode II screenshot gallery.

The main information splurge though comes in the form of two videos, via Phandroid at the first via the Mobile World Congress 2012, which whilst not the best in quality shows off Sonic 4 on an Android tablet being streaming to an HD television, and despite the phone camera quality the actual picture on the screen is looking good. Phandroid did note in their article however that this streaming “wasn’t perfectly smooth”, although SEGA pointed out this was not in anyway the final version. How far away from going gold the game actually is we unfortunately do not know at this point.

Additionally you’ll note that one of the demonstrators says the game is due out in May, though SEGA’s aim apparently is mid-April.

This however was then surpassed by a more professional piece from GamerLive.TV which shows of Sylvania Castle in its entirety pretty well. I’ll leave it up to you to point out any physics foibles but for me that’s looking really good, much better than Episode I. Of course that still leaves the question of in which case why didn’t Episode I look this good.

[Via Phandroid and GamerLive.TV]

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