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Right I’ve been working my ASS off as usual (and as usual for very little thanks, grr) and hopefully I’ll be able to do some updates tonight. Expect the Sonic Unleashed fan rules to go into The Vault and possibly some other things too. I’ve still got a metric tonne of media to upload at some point.

Lee Brotherton says hello, and that he loves Chip. He should also be recording instead of playing Unleashed at 1am.

Crystal Dreams has stated her intention of once again joining the Wrecks Factor. HAVE YOU?

Onto Unleashed and I can’t complete the damned thing, I’m stuck on the Gaia Colossus section. It’s still fun as hell, I actually found I’d missed TWO daytime stages, Act 2 and Act 3 of Mazuri last night – can you believe that? Personally Sonic Unleashed is definately in my top five Sonic games ever, it might even be in third spot to be honest.

Apparently that fact alone might upset people who’ll go off on one, well, er, MY choice. If you disliked Unleashed okay that is YOUR choice, personally I love it and I truly mean that. It’s a great step forward. Of course the usual responses have come and gone, do you guys remember The Simpsons episode where Poochie gets introduced and the testing they do where they ask the kids what type of I&S they want. Sonic fans are kinda like that I think, they want more and less of everything at the same time.

I read somewhere earlier (I’ve read so many reviews recently I’m not sure who did it) about how if new Sonic was 2D with old school length – i.e a three hour game – that’d still be ideal. Oh really? Yeah, people are gonna pay £30 for that nowadays, “replay value” or not.

And if SEGA did make a game of that length? Why, you’d be the first to complain.

Media update later peeps, maybe even a comic on “The Sonicsons”


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