Shinobi 3DS Invites You To Jump The Shark, Amongst Other Things

The new Shinobi game for the 3DS has more than a few reasons to get excited.  However perhaps the most unusual is the 3DS title implementing a selection of kudos style achievements.

According to a post over on Kotaku today by Brian Crecente, new Shinobi instalment Shinobi 3DS has a “surprisingly long” list of them, some of which he was able to reveal.  These include:


  • Two Left Feet – Fall into a pit.
  • Not In The Face – Killed by a melee attack.
  • Ninja Reflex – Parry and attack
  • All Fun & Games… – Don’t be hit in the face (or equivalent).
  • Quit Poking Me – Jump into either fire or spikes.
  • Die Hard – Die 100 times
  • I Have The Power – Unlock the ninja magic techniques
  • Jumped The Shark – Literally jump over the shark.
  • The One – Parry 100 attacks.
  • Thanks, You’re The Best – Watch the credits.
  • Float Like A Butterfly – Never parry during a level.
  • S Is For Shinobi – S-Rank all levels.

I look forward to seeing what else was implemented!

Kevin Eva

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