Shenmue’s Bad News And Good News

Oh Shenmue, a cult classic that still carries a strong and devoted fanbase. If you get nostalgia trips by hearing the name Ryo Hazuki, then I’ve got some news for you.

The first piece of news comes from SEGAbits, and it’s a somewhat sad one: Shenmue World (or Shenmue Gai), the Shenmue based mobile game, will be definitely cancelled. Fear not though, as it is almost certain a new “smartphone” version will be developed.

However this segways nicely into the second piece of news, directly from Spong where the great Yu Suzuki (of retro games fame) is very interested in acquiring the Shenmue license from SEGA, quite possibly to make the very anticipated Shenmue III once and for all.

The information comes from an interview for the Shenmue Masters fansite (I suggest you watch it since there are some genuinely brilliant questions asked there) in which Yu Suzuki repeatedly hints to a very much needed sequel. It is meant to be the most important part in Ryo’s journey in which plenty of things shall be explained and revealed. This is especially true for a mysterious character, friend of Ryo’s father who is bound to become a “key” character in the future.

In short, there seems the Shenmue series has a very good chance of being concluded in the near future. Fans rejoice!


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