Shadow Takes The Stage In Sonic Generations Mod

YouTube user Megamaniscrazy has uploaded two videos of a Shadow the Hedgehog mod, which replaces the Sonic character with a “Classic” and “Modern” Shadow.

First of these two videos is a Crisis City rework, renamed Westopolis.

As you can see, for “Modern”, the background music has changed to the Crush 40 tune I Am… All of Me, the building textures have changed slightly, but there are visible UI changes, as well as Shadow VA from previous games replacing the standard inbuilt voices.

The “Classic” version, uses Flying Battery Zone as the music, and we get Shadow in the 2.5D plane.

The second video we bring you from the same user, is the re-skinned Rival Battles.

The Sonic Vs Shadow battle is now Shadow Vs Shadow Android, there’s not a lot to see here, just minor UI tweaks, as we can see in the first video, but if you jump to 4:43, you can see Classic Shadow Vs Metal Shadow.

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    If they did this for the Shadow The Hedgehog Game it wouldn’t have sucked as it did. ~.~

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    They had one for Sonic Colors too.

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