SEGA Trademarks “Flick Of The Dead”

SEGA has registered a trademark for Flick of  the DeadAndriasang reports.

The name MAY sound bizarre, but hey-this is House of the Dead, and considering we’ve had Typing of the Dead and Pinball of the Dead, it’s something HoTD fans have probably come to expect by now. Obviously, no details have been let out, but it might be a safe guess this is a smartphone game-using flicking motions to kill the creatures that crop up on the touch screen.

One question I ask though-will it follow the aforementioned games and be based of House of the Dead 2? Or will it be based on another game? Heck, it may even be an entirely new game-and given the current technology devices such as iPods now contain, that would be quite reasonable.

We’ll keep you updated with any more news that comes in on the game.

And let’s hope it’s not a Flick of the Dead in the movie sense… because we know what happened last time.

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